pH Measurement & Controls, Mini Panels, Output Devices


State-of-the-Art pH Controllers Series SYS-700


The SYS-700 series of controllers offer many new features to increase the level of control available in your plant. These powerful instruments can be configured to utilize P, PI or PID controlling. With this advanced feature, the SYS-700 takes the place of three instruments that only allow one configuration.

The SYS-700line includes models that incorporate control through analog output to drive any compatible device such as an electrovalve or pump. Models equipped with a Solid State Relay are also available to ensure maximum life of the switching device. Each model has a differential input for a grounding bar to extend electrode life.

Several models come with an RS232 port as well as analog recorder output. The fully programmable microprocessor memory has a 3 month backup power supply. Fail Safe Alarm system protection against power interruption or line failure. 1,2 or 3 point automatic calibration and manual or Automatic Temperature Compensation complete the features of these state-of-the-art controllers.

pH Transmitters with Isolated Output Series SYS-800


  • The SYS-800 is a water-resistant pH transmitter designed with a high impedance input to accept signals directly from a pH electrode. The signal is then processed by a special high-impedance amplifier which transmits an output current directly
    proportional to the input signal but independent of changes in load or cable capacitance. Calibration is performed by adjustment of two independent trimmers for slope and offset.
  • Temperature compensation is performed by the transmitter's ATC circuitry when measurements are taken with a temperature probe attached, it is also possible to substitute a fixed resistor for the tem-
    perature probe, if ATC is not required.
  • The transmitter can be connected to Hanna controllers HI 8510, recorders, computers or any data monitoring device that accepts 4 to 20 mA input.
  • Two versions are available, the standard model SYS-700 and SYS-800 with an LCD. SYS-800 allows easy verification and monitoring of measured values, and is easier to calibrate and maintain.


Mini Panel Mounted pH Controller Series SYS-900


  • The SYS-900 is the smallest panel mounted pH controller around.
  • Its small size allows installation close to the monitored equipment, thus adding to its versatility in the industry.
  • Possible applications are almost infinitel from textile (particularly in the monitoring of pH in the wool processing), paper, photographic, pitting and aquarium to the process industry.
  • With an affordable cost, SYS-900 can help you monitor your installations that up to now have been seldom controlled.
  • The SYS900 is equipped with single set point with selection of acid or alkaline dosage. It accepts direct input from any combination pH electrode ending in a BNC connector and provides measurements from 0 to 14 pH with a resolution of 0.01 pH.
  • The mini pH controller range has now been enhanced with a UL/CSA approved model. SYS-900 is powered by 12VDC and supplied complete with atransformer.